Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Talking about my all-time favorite products is up there with my top 5 favorite activities, and sharing them with you or my friends and family is even better. AND what better time than the holidays to compile a list of said products to help you find the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself)? Check out my gift guide below, ranging from super cheap to a bit on the pricier side, packed with my favorite healthy products:


MATCHA, $23-$40

A ceremonial grade matcha–the best type for drinking as opposed to culinary grade which is best for cooking–makes the perfect gift for any tea/coffee enthusiast! It’s a nutritional powerhouse, and the high quality in a ceremonial grade makes it feel luxurious and special. The color is the brightest most beautiful green, and it tastes deliciously earthy and a bit sweet. Here are two of my favorite brands: DoMatcha, $22.44,  Jade Leaf Matcha, $24.95 


I’ve gone on and on about how much I love my CoffeeSock. It’s a super easy, super cheap way to make cold brew coffee at home. I prefer cold brew because a) iced coffee is my jam, and b) it’s not as acidic as traditionally-brewed coffee, meaning it’s easier on the stomach. Probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever bought, so I’m sure any coffee-loving friend would love it.


“EAT THE YOLKS” by Liz Wolfe, $12

One of my very favorite nutrition books and a fantastic read for anyone who’s dipped their toes into the science of eating well. She debunks a lot of myths with gold-standard scientific studies, all while being incredibly easy to understand and super fun to read. She’s a kickass lady who knows her stuff, and of the many nutrition books I’ve read, this is up there with the best of them. Find it here.

“WOMANCODE” by Alisa Vitti, $8

So I’ve yet to actually read this book, but it’s on the top of my Christmas list this year because your girl is really interested in getting in-tune with her menstrual cycle. Nonetheless, I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about this book and the information it provides on nurturing the female body specifically during each of the four stages of the menstrual cycle. What lady friend of yours wouldn’t want to make her periods more awesome?



My love affair for Cocokind runs deep, and I know it will for you, too. Cocokind is an all-natural, find-the-ingredients-in-your-kitchen type of skincare brand that’s as pure and amazing as it gets. The ingredients can’t be beat, so you can feel great about the safety of your skincare, and they really work. They’ve got some amazing holiday gift sets which would all be sweet, and I also personally love the Cocokind Collective Trio of the MyMatcha, Turmeric, and Macabeet sticks.


If you’re into giving the gift of safer, non-toxic makeup (and skincare) that looks and acts like the “real thing” (which I guess is regular toxic makeup and skincare?), Beautycounter is the thing. Their makeup is unreal in quality, and I absolutely love everything I’ve tried from their skincare line. A gift card would be a great option here, but makeup-wise, lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes are universally great gifts, or you can pick out one of the holiday gift sets. My skincare favorites are the Balancing Charcoal Mask and the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum. Use this link to go to the site and shop through me and my pal Melissa Ebbole!



Reusable cotton rounds from Seams Like Love are on my personal Christmas list this year, since I use regular cotton rounds on the daily in my skincare routine. Instead of continuing to create waste, up your loved one’s eco-friendly game with these gorgeous reusable ones you can wash and reuse time and time again.


A great water bottle changes everything, if you ask me. Get yourself or a friend a great steel (or glass) water bottle to reduce plastic water bottle consumption and to encourage a higher daily water intake! I love my 21 oz Healthy Human water bottle, which can be found here.


Go a step beyond bringing your own bags to carry your groceries home in (which c’mon, let’s hop on that train if you haven’t already) and eliminate those single-use plastic produce bags by using reusable mesh produce bags. These are the ones I have and love, and they’re also super useful for packing/other situations in which you need small bags.

Have the happiest holidays!

xx Kennedy

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  • Christine Laporte

    This Elf in NC plans to order some of these for the holidays, perfect timing.
    And if you like ’em I know my recipients will too. Happy Holidays to

    • kennedypm

      I’m so so glad to give you some inspiration! Very much hope your lucky recipients enjoy them. Happiest holidays Christine!!