October Favorites

October Favorites

OCTOBER IS THE BEST MONTH. I live and breathe it. Mostly because it’s the first month of full-frontal fall exposure (?? not sure why I thought that was the best way to describe it but I’m rolling with it??), and it’s Scorpio season my friends…sooooo I may or may not be a very proud Scorpio with my birthday landing on the 30th. And then there’s Halloween. C’mon. The fact that October is the best month just isn’t arguable. Glad we’re on the same page.

I’ve also got some rockin’ favorite products to share with you from this month, so that’s just the cherry on top. Let’s jump in, shall we?


I’ve mentioned a few times ’round here that I’ve had stomach issues and that regular coffee can give me a bit of a sour stomach, and as many of you probably know, cold brew is easier on the stomach lining! I was buying cold brew concentrate for awhile but the price was adding up, so when my mom (hi Mom) mentioned something about this super cheap cold brew kit, I knew I had to check it out. It’s basically a giant mason jar with a large “coffee sock” (or in other words, a huge reusable organic cotton coffee filter) in which you fill the coffee sock with coffee grounds, steep it in water for around 16 hours, and bam, you’ve got cold brew. It’s super simple, super cheap, and I drink all my coffee this way now. My stomach, my wallet and my tastebuds are all happy! Game changer status for sure. And hey, check out my Chocolate Cold Brew Shake for some inspo on a tasty way to use that freshly brewed cold brew.


As probably everyone who’s traversed my blog/met me in real life knows, I’ve been dealing with knee injuries this past year. Though things are going SO WELL at the moment and my knees are feeling fantastic in comparison to where I was just a few months ago, anything that supports their comfort is a top priority to me. OESH is a shoe brand specializing in extremely supportive shoes made for women, sporting an innovative design to lessen the impact from walking caused on the joints. When I found out about them I had to get myself a pair, and I’m super glad I did. They’ve granted me so much extra comfort in my day to day activities, and the stress I feel on my knees has noticeably decreased when I’m wearing them. Now I pretty much don’t go anywhere I’ll be walking around without them because they are SO comfy and make me feel so good. If you’ve ever dealt with any long-term injuries, you know what a difference little improvements make. They also have a line of sandals I’ve got my eyes on for the future!


These days I’m basically living at school because I’m in class from 10-5 and in rehearsal for a new show from 6:30-10:30…so let’s just say easy snacks are my lifeblood at the moment. I’ve raved on and on about Julian Bakery before and all their products that I love, but these Pegan Protein Bars take the cake. They’re both paleo & vegan so the ingredients are top notch (with added probiotics as well! Hello, gut health!) and they taste lovely. I’m in a bit of an experimental phase of decreasing my animal/animal product consumption a little bit–not for health reasons, since I think ethically-raised animal protein can be a superfood and contains essential nutrients and I do intend to continue to consume them, but to be aware of my environmental impact a bit more and make sure that when I do consume animals/animal products, they were raised as ethically as possible. Basically, whether or not my protein in a protein bar comes from plants or animals doesn’t matter to me really at all since they’re not my meal replacements, so may as well choose plants, right? And these are a fantastic high-quality option.


As I’ve been wrestling with getting my hormones into balance after coming off hormonal birth control back in March, I’ve been trying every natural remedy to reign in how my hormone imbalance is showing on my skin (a.k.a, hormonal breakouts y’all). Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to support hormone balance as well as healthy skin and hair, and while it’s tough to pin down exactly what’s helping when breakouts ebb and flow, I’ve got some confidence that taking this has made an impact. Alongside a zinc supplement and a DIM supplement, I feel like I’m back in the driver’s seat with my skin (which feels reeeaaal good).


I am deeply in love with Cocokind: their brand, their founder, their ingredients, their effectiveness. It’s basically the cleanest beauty/skincare on the market and still so effective. A few months back they released their first bits of ‘makeup,’ and by makeup, I mean skincare. That’s how good the ingredients are. There’s a primer and powder duo meant to be used together to even out skin tone, and while I love the primer and using these products together, my skin is just not at a place at the moment where that’s enough coverage for me. However, I love using the powder lightly overtop of my makeup to set it and to keep my oily skin at bay. It looks beautiful on the skin, really absorbs any excess oil throughout the day, and I feel so good knowing I’m wearing a product that’s helping my skin instead of harming it.

Have a delightful November my friends!!

xx Kennedy

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