My Supplement Routine

My Supplement Routine

I’m frequently asked which supplements I choose to take on the daily (or on special occasions like my period, when I’m sick, etc.), so today I’m dishing out the down low on what my supplement stash looks like. I am by no means an expert in this area nor do I claim to be, and which supplements you should take is completely unique to you, but here’s what I take and why:




Because gut healing. Happy gut equals happy brain, body, soul. My favorite brand is this one by Hyperbiotics, but I’ve heard this brand is also good. I do switch up the brands I buy every so often as to get as many different strains of good bacteria populating my gut as possible! Read about my gut healing journey/tips in these two posts: What Happened When I Healed My Gut & 5 Easy Ways to Heal Your Gut

Vitamin D


Not only do I not get enough sun (I’m working on it), but there is some research suggesting Vitamin D aids in lowering anxiety and depression levels, which is why I began supplementing with it in the first place. Our pal Vitamin D is critical for about ten billion functions in the body, so making sure your levels are consistent is well worth while. I take this in the morning right after (or with) breakfast as Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it needs to be consumed with fat in order to be properly absorbed! This is the brand I buy, which actually contains olive oil to help in the absorption department. Win-win.

Evening Primrose Oil


Evening Primrose Oil is the newest addition to my collection, but a very welcome one! My skin started going a bit berserk about 2 months after coming off of hormonal birth control (you can read about my experience here), and I’ve been trying to reign it in ever since. I think a trip to a hormone-balancing professional might be in my future, but for now, supplementing with Evening Primrose Oil has seemed to help a lot with controlling a bit of my hormonal breakouts. I use this brand.

Vitamin C


Now, I’ll be the first to say that I don’t really know if this is doing anything for me because supplementing with Vitamin C isn’t proven to be very effective, but as an actor it’s my job to not get sick, really, ever. Anything that will help me with that is fair game, even if it’s just a psychological safety blanket. Here’s my favorite brand.

Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM/Turmeric


Ever since I injured both my knees back in October of last year, I’ve been searching for things to support their healing naturally. One of the things I found in my research was Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM for overall joint health and the rebuilding of cartilage, as well as turmeric supplementation for anti-inflammation. I either take them separately or in a combined supplement that I found recently–here’s the brand I use. I certainly notice a difference when I’m not taking it, so I’ll be sticking with it for awhile as my knees continue to heal fully.

Preventa Migraine

(morning & night)

An herbal combination of magnesium, feverfew, riboflavin and butterbur root to support migraine prevention. I’ve been taking this for a quite a long time now and I’ve really loved it–it hasn’t cured my migraines by any stretch, but it does seem to reign in my lower grade headaches and prevent a lot of them from happening. Highly recommend if you’re suffering from headaches/migraines! Find it here.



Though there is magnesium in the Prevanta Migraine, I like to get some extra in for a few reasons: 1) magnesium deficiency can be a cause of headaches/migraines as well as anxious and depressive symptoms, 2) magnesium aids in bowel movements/digestion, and 3) it puts me right to sleep. For me, supplementing with magnesium keeps some extra headaches at bay and makes for a healthy digestive system! I buy this brand.



Olive Leaf/Oregano Oil Extract

(when I’m fighting sickness)

Olive leaf and oregano extract are both antimicrobial, antioxidant and free radical-fighting supplements that are perfect for avoiding or killing a cold. Whenever anyone around me is sick (or I start to feel myself coming down with something), I down a few of these guys and it helps steady the blow. Here and here are my favorite brands.

Wellness Formula

(when I’m REALLY fighting sickness)

An herbal formula designed to kick colds to the curb pronto. This is intense stuff that really helps support the immune system, so I’ve got it around for when I really need it. Find it here.


(leading up to and during my menstrual phase)

I get terrible period cramps due to my copper IUD (the only downside to the Paragard, since it’s awesome otherwise and the only non-hormonal option besides physical barriers), so managing them as much as I can without painkillers is a top priority for me during my menstrual phase. Ginger is suggested by research studies to lessen the blow of period cramps, so every morning in the four or five days leading up to my period and at least two or three days at the start of my period I put ginger in my morning smoothie. You can also take a ginger supplement in pill form if you prefer! I use this powdered ginger, or you could go for this ginger capsule.

Any life-changing supplements for you? Hit me up in the comments down below friends and HAPPY OCTOBER!

xx Kennedy

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