Safer Skincare Must-Haves

Safer Skincare Must-Haves

Since I started my transition to more natural/non-toxic/safer skincare products, I’ve been on a mission to find the best of the best. I wanted stuff that really worked on a similar level to my less-natural products, had really great ingredients, and was a company supporting the health of people and the world. I’ve got a lot more digging to do and many more products to discover, but I’ve encountered three really reliable companies that I love and have listed below my must-have products from each brand.

(I’m not sponsored in any way by these companies, just enthusiastic about them)


Acure is super affordable, very easy-to-access, and makes incorporating safer products into your routine a breeze. They’ve basically got non-toxic dupes for your normal products, so it doesn’t feel like a change at all (which was a big plus for me when I started out), and–even more importantly–the prices are very easy on the wallet. You tend to have to spend a bit more on non-toxic skincare either to support smaller companies or pay for more expensive (healthier) ingredients, but Acure is a huge exception. My student budget blesses them. They’ve got a TON of stuff I’ve never tried, but here are the standouts from what I have tested:

Day Cream

First off, I love the smell of this stuff. Fresh and citrusy, but doesn’t linger. Second, it’s light, creamy and not at all greasy, making it a great choice for daytime under makeup/on its own. It’s hydrating and lovely and there’s nothing I don’t like about it.

Spot Treatment

It may just be me, but I’ve never even seen a safer beauty brand offer up a classic spot treatment, so that alone is worth noting. It’s not the single most effective spot treatment ever, but it definitely does its job and is an excellent safer alternative.

Dry Shampoo

Not skincare necessarily, but my haircare partner in crime. I friggin love this stuff. It works, it’s made out of great ingredients, and it can tackle the grease mop my hair can so easily become. It also doesn’t run out nearly as fast as many more-toxic brands I’ve tried that use an aerosol can.


I have spilled my love for Beautycounter all over the place on this blog and on my Instagram, so it’s no surprise they’re featured here today. Beautycounter is a bit of a higher-end brand for both safer makeup and skincare, and they have about a thousand amazing products that would have you never thinking twice about whether the quality stands up to more toxic brands: it does–in fact, it surpasses them. I’ve had the pleasure of working with my lovely friend Melissa, a Beautycounter consultant, to test out products and share my thoughts so if you’re interested in grabbing up these goodies for yourself, use this link to purchase through her (I don’t get anything from your purchase, I only share my honest opinions, and I only suggest products that I truly love no matter if I got them for free or if I purchased them myself–just so we’re clear).

Charcoal Mask

My absolute go-to mask for general skin upkeep. I use it at least once a week to lessen the appearance of pores, clear up any little bumps that may have cropped up, and dry out any active blemishes that have graced my face. A super-effective basic.

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

I’m all for anything that combines steps in my beauty routine, so moisturizer, light coverage and SPF all in one gets a big YES from me. The finish is very dewy and fresh, and though the coverage is very light, it evens out the skin tone nicely and is a great base for everyday.

Cream Cleanser

One of my favorite facial cleansers of all time. Creamy and effective while still hydrating. An excellent gentle cleanser perfect for day to day.


Cocokind runs on the all-natural side of the safer beauty realm, and thank God, because their products are the ultimate healthy choice while still being so lovely and effective. The premise is a use of superfoods in all of the products to create natural solutions to skincare that actually work, and they nail it–only four or five ingredients you could basically find in your kitchen pantry, but glammed up. They also just released two new pigmented skincare products (makeup that’s actually skincare) that I can’t wait to try.

Organic Chia Facial Oil

A blend of only organic chia seed oil and chamomile flowers, this stuff is such a delight. I use it as my nighttime moisturizer, and not only does it smell divine and calming, but it soothes the skin and seems to calm redness. My face looks so good after putting this on. Love love love.

Cocokind Collective Trio

This is a trio of creamy stick products including the MyMatcha All-Over Moisture stick, Macabeet Tinted Moisture stick, and the Turmeric Spot Treatment. Off the bat, these are a joy to travel with since they’re basically in jumbo chapstick form, and each serves a unique and fun purpose. I use the MyMatcha as a lip balm, around the eye area, and on any super dry patches; the Macabeet (which I talked about in my July Favorites) is a gorgeous rosy tinted balm perfect for the lips or a natural cheek color; and the Turmeric stick is for treating blemishes using its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll be doing a safer makeup must-haves once I’ve rounded out my non-toxic collection a bit, but until then, I hope these safer skincare recommendations leave your skin healthy and happy.

xx Kennedy

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