July Favorites 2017

July Favorites 2017

July has come and gone so fast in my book, and albeit speeding by, I had a wonderful time. The first half of the month was a bit crazy–workshopping a new one-woman play and getting my headshots done in New York–but this second half has been full relaxation-mode. I’ve dug into this month’s favorites and can’t wait to share them with you!

iPhone 7+ & Wallet Case

My iPhone 5 finally went kaput in late June, so it was time for an upgrade. I went with the iPhone 7+ in gold because it’s a) beautiful, b) has a huge screen that’s really nice for general viewing pleasure, and c) the camera is killer. I was a bit worried the size would bother me, but it only took about five minutes to get used to and now I can’t get over how tiny the regular iPhones look. Like, they look like baby phones. I’m super happy with the purchase. I’ve also been a long time devotee of the wallet case, because it keeps my phone and all my necessary cards (student ID, driver’s license, debit card) together in one easy-to-carry package. Bam. This is the wallet case I got which I really love (it wraps all the way around the front too so the phone stays protected), and I use this screen protector which I also think is great.

Peppermint Tea

The past two weeks I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s parents’ house, and they’re devoted tea-drinkers; as one could imagine, a nightly tea (alongside a competitive game of cards) has been the routine. I like to stay away from caffeine at night so I’ve been reaching for peppermint, and my nightly cup of peppermint tea has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the day. Any mint teas are very helpful for settling my stomach, so not only is it refreshing and tasty, but it calms any digestion issues.

Cocokind Macabeet Tinted Moisture Stick

Cocokind is a super-natural skincare brand I’ve come to know lately, and I am in love with their products and their philosophy. I recently got an order of the Cocokind Collective Trio (matcha stick, turmeric stick and macabeet stick), the chia facial oil, and the brow balm. Everything has been great so far, but I’ve particularly loved the macabeet stick this month as a gorgeous tinted lip balm. It gives a really beautiful rosy finish on my lips and hydrates like crazy, so I’ve been reaching for it on the daily. The ingredients are all organic and include only olive oil, beeswax, beetroot, and maca, so it’s incredibly nontoxic and happy for your health and the planet! I’ve also used it as a blush for a natural-looking tint.

Taza Dark Bark

I’ve been very open about my love for Taza chocolate, and their dark bark takes it to a whole ‘nother level. I picked up the coconut flavor, and it’s basically a thin layer of 80% dark chocolate with shredded coconut layered over top, and is perfect for snacking on. I spread on a layer of sunbutter and I am good to GO. Very low sugar, packed with antioxidants, and all around good ole snacking chocolate fun.

Nancy Drew Computer Games

Oh yeah, guys. I am proud to state that I have spent many hours of the past month playing a variety of Nancy Drew games on my laptop. I’ve been a fan of them since I was a kid, and my love for virtually cracking cases has never left me. The topics can be surprisingly serious and super compelling, and in my opinion, equally a game for adults as it is for kids (though of course there’s a hefty dose of cheese-factor). It can take a bit of brain power to get through them and the pay off is always satisfying, so I really don’t see my passion tapering off anytime soon. I just played through Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy and really really loved that one in particular. Be sure to call me if you need any mysteries solved, because I’m pretty much a professional now.

Love Island

This UK reality show is the best thing since sliced bread. Not even kidding you. I am absolutely obsessed. The premise is that a bunch of glamorous, young British singles go to this gorgeous resort in Spain and try and find love with one another, but twist, there’s a huge money prize to win at the end if you and your partner stay strong together til the end and the Brits vote you their favorite couple. It’s incredible. Almost a UK version of Bachelor in Paradise, but way better. I’ve pretty much fallen head over heels for British culture even more than I had before, and I would probably give anything to have the vernacular they have over here in America. Seriously, Brits have the coolest lingo. I watched all of season 1 and am about 3/4 of the way through the newest season, and am on the edge of my seat. Too good.

Happy August, friends!

xx Kennedy

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