My Pantry Staples

My Pantry Staples

Hi, I’m Kennedy and I like long walks on the beach and a well-stocked pantry. It’s where all the real goodies are that make all that stuff in the fridge really soar. Cooking essentials, snacks, smoothie toppings, everything that makes my little mouth water. Though I have other bits and bobs I use from time to time, here are my top-ranking must-haves for a healthy, sexy pantry:

I buy almost all of these staples either on Amazon or on Thrive Market. My favorite brands are linked in the text, so give each name a click to shop my favorite brand.









xx Kennedy

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  • Bethany Parvin

    Many of these are staples for us as well…I am going to have to try that protein bar. It is new to me. I am trying to fight my love for Quest Bars.

    • Kennedy McMann

      Holy moly Bethany do I FEEL YOU. I had a serious addiction to Quest Bars about a year ago that got waaaayy out of hand, hahahaha. My digestion is much happier without them, and the bars I linked above are for sure a favorite because they don’t mess with my digestion at all! And they have higher quality ingredients for sure. I hope you like ’em! I recommend heating them up a bit in the microwave since they can be a bit hard or trying the Primal version if you’re not sensitive to whey protein! Thanks so much for reading + writing. xx