New York City Food Diary

New York City Food Diary

I just recently did a quick three-day trip in New York City to get my headshots done, but let’s be real here…I went more for the food. Big cities like New York are prime territory for fun, healthy novelty food that doesn’t really show up anywhere else so it was my goal to make the most of it and YOU KNOW I DID. I hit up as many fun and healthy places as I could manage, and thought it would be fun to share with you my findings for a little NYC food inspo.


WOW okay. I love this place with every fiber of my being. They’re pretty much entirely Paleo (with the exception of some quinoa) and use top-notch ingredients–I’m talking zero nasty oils, additives, “natural” flavors, colors, preservatives, nothing. I cried a little when I read that. These people get me. Their meat has been ethically-raised, their ingredients are organic, it’s an ethical omnivore’s dream. Their food is SO good I went twice in my three-day visit. First night I went with my dad for dinner and got their totally grain-free, dairy-free lasagna with grass-fed sloppy joe on top–to die for–and one of their juices. My dad ordered the meatloaf (made from elk and also grain-free) and that too was delicious, and we got a slice of paleo carrot cake to split for dessert. So so so good. I went out for brunch with friends another day and got their paleo pancakes with cashew cream and pure maple syrup on top, and I never wanted to eat anything else ever again because it was that good.

You order at the counter and they either prepare your choice for you in the back or serve you directly from the hot bar, and they also have a ton of packaged options (like desserts and juices/smoothies) available for purchase. If you haven’t tried their chocolate bars, they’re a must-buy. My favorite is the one filled with cashew butter!



So if you haven’t been living under a rock, you know Pressed Juicery is where it’s at for the best healthy desserts/smoothies/juices around. While I loved the vanilla almond smoothie I got bottled, the real star is the Freeze. LOOK AT THAT STUFF. It’s basically soft-serve ice cream made with water, dates, almonds and whatever other flavoring (like cacao for example) to go along with it. THIS IS MADE GENIUS LEVEL. Then you top your deliciousness with things like an almond butter drizzle or chocolate syrup and hold on tight because yes, it is exactly as good as it looks. I wanted this for every meal every day forever. Still do.


Bluestone Lane is where all my Australian health café dreams come true. Overflowing with avocado toast and poached eggs and all that’s right in the world, it was a lovely way to spend the morning. The atmosphere is so nice, and I really enjoyed my time there–I ordered the avo toast (on gluten-free bread) with a poached egg on top, and it was very tasty (though maybe not a “wow”), and my dad ordered the baked red eggs which were delicious. My favorite part though were these two drinks: an iced long black with almond milk + this beet/carrot/ginger/apple juice. SO good and ultra refreshing because it was the hottest day of the year in New York at that point.


I don’t have any photos from here because we were rushing to see a show, but Bareburger was a favorite stop of mine on our food journey. I was drawn to the fact that they had high-quality organic, local ingredients and always used grass-fed beef–big pluses for me. I ordered the elk burger on a gluten-free bun with a bunch of fixings I don’t remember, and it certainly delivered though may have been a tad dry. I thought the gluten-free bun held up to the challenge all gluten-free buns must face, which means it actually tasted like a good bun. The french fries were amazing, and the best part? The chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Good lord. One hundred percent not paleo and one hundred percent delicious. They use local organic cream and organic sugar to make they’re ice-cream, which I’m all about, and it was maybe the best milkshake I’ve ever had. On my Instagram I mentioned that I use vacation time to indulge in some less-nutritious foods as a way to fight back obsessive food behaviors and remind myself that food isn’t everything, and I sure had a fun time doing it (generally I stick to staying gluten-free as a way to avoid most grains and avoid upsetting my stomach).


The best last meal a girl could ask for! Friedman’s is a brunch spot that specializes in gluten-free dining, so I knew I had to get myself over there and get some more pancakes, dammit. I just cannot say no to gluten-free pancakes when I’m in vacation mode. These are their blueberry pancakes (with a side of bacon obviously) and they were so good, and always gluten-free which is really cool (aka, no special ordering necessary). They also have gluten-free chicken and waffles and next time I’m in the city, I am all over that.

There were about ten million places I didn’t get the chance to hit up, but the time will come and I will live the dream again. For now, I was thrilled with my food adventures and I hope they give you some inspo of places to hit up next time you’re in the big apple. Now I’ll just allow my jealousy of having places like these in your backyard consume me as I sit in Pittsburgh and plan my next trip. The end.

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