May Favorites 2017

May Favorites 2017

These picks below are my favorites from the month of May! Let’s get to it.

1. Canyon Gluten-Free Bread

I’ve challenged myself lately to strive for a little more balance in my diet, and you know what’s frickin delicious? TOAST. Toast is great. You know what else is great? Canyon Gluten-free bread. As far as I know, it tastes just the same as any regular ole bread and unlike most gluten-free products (which I usually don’t endorse as healthy since most have nasty ingredients), it has fantastic whole, organic ingredients making it a thumbs up in my book. Most paleo breads have a lot of nut flour and since I’m sensitive to tree nuts, they’re not the best option for me, and I don’t wanna live my life right now without having some toast when I want it! And I want it right now! P.S. The Deli Rye flavor is bomb.

2. Beautycounter Nourishing Day Cream

LOVE LOVE LOVE. As some of you may know, my amazing friend Melissa at Beautycounter sent me a box of non-toxic, safer beauty goodies to share with you guys and this moisturizer blows my mind. It’s so creamy and hydrating without an ounce of greasiness, and it comes with a really nice pump which means germ-free application! It’s become a staple for me this past month and is definitely my favorite moisturizer of all time, non-toxic or not. If you wanna purchase your own, or anything else from Beautycounter, click here to order through Melissa; I don’t receive anything from your purchase, I just think the products really rocks.

3. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Shampoo

I’ve been on vacation the past two weeks staying at a place in Michigan my parents rented, and I needed to grab some shampoo from the local grocery store which meant I would have some slim pickings when it came to a non-toxic option. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Clean Freak shampoo by Not Your Mother’s which is sulfate, paraben and dye-free. Bingo! Good enough for me. It works great, cleans without my hair feeling stripped, and I don’t feel like I’m giving anything up by nixing the super super toxic ingredients. It’s not a perfect ingredients list, but sometimes ya make do. I like their Beach Babe Conditioner as well!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar + Manuka Honey

Okay, so I’ve been kinda breaking out like crazy because I was stupid and used the Clarisonic again (not worth it) and now that I’m off hormonal birth control, I’m getting hormonal breakouts on my chin once a month like clockwork (worth it). My skin gets dark spots after pimples really easily, so in a way breakouts stay with me forever and when I get them it’s like a scary prequel to what will be a dark mark for the next billion years. HOWEVER, I have found some solace: I’ve been using raw apple cider vinegar as a toner on new and fading spots, and using manuka honey as a spot treatment to tone down inflammation and redness. It’s super antibacterial, so it also helps zap ’em for good. Together they lighten the spots pimples leave behind, which is my main goal at the end of the day. Great combo. 10/10 would recommend.

5. Taza Stone Ground Chocolate

Hello. I’d like to introduce you to the BEST CHOCOLATE EVER. It’s USDA organic, direct trade (meaning people treated fairly made it!), gluten-free, Kosher Pareve, non-GMO Project verified, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan. And it tastes like Jesus Christ in a chocolate bar. The stone ground nature makes it almost gritty, which sounds weird and gross but is in fact genius. They also have a million flavors (I’ve only been blessed to try two so far, the coconut and the toffee–love ’em both) and many different darkness levels to please any chocolate lover. I love buying products that are not only good for your body, but good for the world at large. The way things oughta be.

6. Gray Cardigan

I placed an order from the online second-hand clothing store ThredUp a few weeks ago–they do really nice, like-new, higher-priced clothes for around 70% off and it’s amazing. Big fan, because it means I can buy quality items once in awhile on a student budget. Thumbs up. But one of the things I ordered has really made an impact and it’s this super comfy gray cardigan from H&M that’s really loose in structure and can be thrown over literally anything. Yes please. I didn’t own anything like this before and I’ve now realized my closet was seriously lacking; but now, huzzah! I couldn’t find the exact one on the H&M website, but this one is pretty close.

Have a happy happy June, Junebugs. Go get ’em.

xx Kennedy

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