What I Eat In A Day #9 | Paleo (Busy Student Edition)

What I Eat In A Day #9 | Paleo (Busy Student Edition)

Saying that I’ve been busy lately is an understatement. I’m back in class all day, and currently in a production which means rehearsals every night. Add on some appointments for my knee injuries, meetings, rehearsals for my class work and you’ve got one buuuuussssyyyy bee. I will say though that I am having a GREAT time–I find I’m my most productive self when things are very busy, since I end up feeling the pressure of having little time to do things so they’re always done efficiently and without procrastination. I do find though that I tend to get stuck in “work” mode constantly and while that means I’m super productive, I wind up exhausted and completely drained. Always gotta watch out for that and prioritize some down-time whenever the opportunity arises.

With all that said, a busy & stressful time also effects the way I eat:

1) I tend to be hungrier because both my brain & body are working hard for long stretches of time. That means I tend to snack more and eat later in the evening than I normally would (since I have dinner before my 6:30 rehearsal and don’t get home until 11).

2) I rely a LOT on leftovers or buying meals on campus since there’s really no time for cooking during the week. These are the times when batch cooking reeeallllyyy comes in handy.

Alright, so here we go! Here’s a current sample of my daily eating habits. Also important to note: I work out in the morning fasted and again during rehearsal for the show I’m in since we have a hugely active warmup. Because of my knee injuries I’m doing pilates-style exercises with straight legs on the floor in both instances so it’s not crazy intense, but man do I still feel the burn and get some sweat on. So naturally my eating habits also reflect refueling from exercise and all that jazz.


This is no surprise to anyone. I love love love having a smoothie bowl in the morning because it is DELICIOUS but also is something I can pack a ton of nutrients and superfoods into. Plus, it’s super fast. I always use my Berry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl as a recipe base, but lately I’ve been adding organic kefir (for gut health), lots of greens (I keep spinach or mixed greens in my freezer for this purpose), a pasture-raised raw egg yolk (for Omega-3s & B-vitamins),  ground flax (for fiber), turmeric (to fight inflammation), black pepper (to increase the bioavailability of turmeric), cinnamon (to balance blood sugar levels) & maca powder (for increased energy & hormone balance). I always feel so good after eating this smoothie and it feels awesome to start the day by checking off so many nutritional boxes. This also keeps me totally full until lunchtime–if you’re a smoothie lover and your smoothies aren’t keeping you full, chances are you need more protein and fats to keep you going!

This morning I topped my smoothie with fresh blueberries, raspberries, coconut & a quarter of an eat Ideal bar.


Unlike normal I was actually home for lunch on this day since I was working on an Independent Study project all morning, so I threw this together in about five minutes and ate it before running out the door to class! I had one and a half leftover chicken thighs with a couple tiny pieces of roasted potato & some quickly sautéed kale. It was suuupppeerr tasty and I had a bit of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on the side.


Since my lunch was small I got pretty hungry and had one of my favorite new paleo-friendly bars at around 3 o’clock. I found these on Amazon once a ran out of RXbars and was searching for a replacement, and I’m super glad I gave them a try cause boy are they tasty. They’re heavier in fats than carbs which I tend to prefer, and all the ingredients are awesome. Here’s their website or you can find them on Amazon!


Sexy picture, I know. Green room lighting is never good. Good thing the taste COMPLETELY makes up for it. I packed some leftovers of my very favorite Classic Paleo Chili and brought it with me to school so I could quick scarf it down between my last class and rehearsal. I just posted the recipe to this unbelievably tasty chili a few days ago and you can that recipe here! I promise those pictures are way prettier.


This is not something I ever thought I would post. I hate celery. Hate it. It’s gross. But for whatever reason, after I got home from rehearsal I was a) starving & b) craving celery??? I had bought some celery for my boyfriend Sam because he loves it but he didn’t end up using it all before he left on a work trip so it was just sitting in our refrigerator, calling to me. I think what I was really craving was probably the sunbutter & 90% dark chocolate with a crunchy base and we were out of apples and carrots. So, I ate this celery. I still hate it. I will say though that the sunbutter and chocolate helped drown out the taste a lot, but still–bleck. I definitely recommend this snack if you like celery…I definitely don’t recommend this snack if you’re me.

Annnnnnd there we go! That’s all I ate this day and I hope you enjoyed seeing a couple more snacks and some good ole fashioned leftovers.

Side bar: what sort of content would you like to see more of? More recipes, more What I Eat In A Day’s, more tips/lifestyle posts? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you so much for tuning in & I’ll catch ya soon.

xx Kennedy

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