January Favorites

January Favorites

I’ve been going head-on with new products this month. January has a way of pushing me to upgrade in all areas of my life (like my water bottle quality…it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE GUYS), and that definitely showed itself the last few weeks as I experimented with some new, fun goodies. Here we go with my top products of the month!


PaleoKrunch by Steve’s Paleo Goods: I have always had a deep & burning love for cereal, so anything cereal-like I can get my hands on that doesn’t make me feel like yuck is on the top of my list. Except the thing is, grainless granola tends to be soft & chewy which is fine, but mama wants some crunch. (Did I just call myself mama? Who am I?) Anyway, this grainless granola by Steve’s Paleo Goods brings the crunch. Like, real crunchy crunch & delicious flavor & nice, happy ingredients. Superb all around. And it doesn’t seem to bother my stomach at all even though I’m normally sensitive to tree nuts! Is it magic? Maybe. Probably. Make sure you really give the package a nice seal after you open it because if ya don’t (guilty), it tends to go a bit stale pretty quick.

Natural Delights Pumpkin Spice Date Rolls: I can’t even talk about these. They’re so good. I bought a package over the holidays for some festive flavors and I am shocked these are only made of dates, pecans & spices–almost too good to be true! I’ve seen them in a few Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s. If you see a package in your store, just buy them. Doctor’s orders.

Licorice Root TeaI never expected to like the taste of licorice, but I’ve grown really fond of its sweet taste and killer digestive-boosting capabilities. If I want to end the day with a little sweetness or settle an upset stomach, it’s a great go-to. I love this brand from Traditional Medicinals because they’re certified organic, non-GMO & fair trade! Also, did you know there’s a warning on the side of licorice root tea that says not to drink daily for more than 4 weeks?! What is that about?! I had to look it up. It’s a little complicated, but you can read more about the weirdness (and the greatness!) of licorice here.


Osea Ocean Cleansing MuddAs I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m making the transition over to natural beauty & skincare products. As more and more research comes out about super harmful toxins from commercial products reaching the bloodstream through our skin, I move farther and farther away from them. Why pollute your body & the planet when you don’t have to, ya feel? Especially when there are awesome products like this cleanser which I LOVE. I was terrified to switch cleansers from my favorite iS Clinical one (which always kept my skin clear & glowing), but once I ran out I knew it was time to make the switch. This didn’t disappoint one bit, and my skin is as clear as ever. It suits more oily skin & may be a bit harsh for you if you have sensitive or dry skin, but the Osea brand has other cleansers as well that may work better for you!

Acure Body LotionOne of the biggies I wanted to replace sooner rather than later was my body lotion. Seeing as it gets slathered on every surface of my skin, it seemed a high priority to get in there with a natural product…annnndd one that didn’t cost a million dollars. I simply do not have the money to keep buying expensive body lotion, so Acure to the rescue! Cheap, natural, moisturizing, awesome. Thanks to Hannah over at healthfullyhannah.com for the recommendation–definitely check her out if you’re interested in natural beauty!


Healthy Human Stainless Steel Water BottleI am over plastic water bottles that leak, perspire, don’t keep things cold & are made with icky chemicals. Been there, done that–looking at you, Camelback! So for a little New Year’s treat, I ordered myself a beautiful stainless steel water bottle from Healthy Human who I came across online. I love the color, how cool my water stays, how stainless steel doesn’t hold a smell, how wide the mouth is, and how large the handle on the cap is. All good things, all the time. And it doesn’t leak or sweat in my bag! A miracle! Why have I waited so long for this day?


Those are my top picks for January–what are YOURS? I’d love to know. Any recipes you’re into? Snack foods? Ingredients? Beauty products? Lemme know in the comments down below. 

Have a pretty miraculous February,

xx Kennedy

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