Dark Chocolate Dream Smoothie

Dark Chocolate Dream Smoothie

Holy guacamole. This smoothie is heaven. I call it the Dark Chocolate Dream because the recipe came to me as a drifted off to sleep one night (as all good things do), and because it’s basically like drinking the creamiest dark chocolate you can imagine. And you know what’s almost better than that? It’s a complete, nutritious, satisfying breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack or chocolate chocolate chocolate all the time!!!!) that will flood your body with incredible fuel & keep you satiated for hours. Trust me on this one, guys. You’ve gotta try it.

As per my own nutritional standards, we’ve got our healthy fats, carbohydrates, protein, annndd even some greens, believe it or not! And no, you can’t taste them. I suppose you can leave it out if you want, but greens are super important to our daily nutrition, so why would you? You just get to reap the benefits of invisible spinach that tastes like chocolate glory. Plus, when I consider something fit for my first meal of the day, it’s gotta have all the goods. Not to mention, this smoothie is super filling, so you’ll be prepped and ready to go until lunch no problemo–because who has time to get hungry before lunch? Not me! I also wanted to whip up a creamy smoothie that didn’t contain the usual bananas, because they’re relatively high on the glycemic index and not always ideal for everybody all the time (like diabetics & people who are sensitive to sugar, or those who are more sedentary); plus, I run out of bananas pretty quick and they are so slow to ripen in the winter. Win-win for everyone!

So by order of the chocolate queen (which for today is me), put this on the top of your list of recipes to try. I promise you won’t regret it!

Dark Chocolate Dream Smoothie

Prep Time 3 minutes
Author Kennedy McMann


  • 1/3 cup coconut cream* I keep frozen cubes of coconut cream in my freezer, which I use for this smoothie. Basically it just makes it colder, which is my preference, but not necessary.
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 2 heaped tbsp cacao powder
  • 1/2 cup nut milk unsweetened
  • 1 tbsp nut butter*
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder*
  • 1 pitted medjool date optional; can use any sweetener of choice


  1. Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth. 

  2. Serve in a glass or bowl topped with your favorite things! I chose blueberries, coconut flakes & cacao nibs.

Recipe Notes

Optional add-ins:

  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1 tsp maca powder

*My favorite brands are this coconut cream, this sunflower seed butter & this protein powder.

xx Kennedy

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