My Food Philosophy

My Food Philosophy

Food is an incredible thing. It has the power to heal you, and the power to, well, ruin you from the inside out. Once I found my way to health through real food after years and years of suffering from chronic migraines & intense anxiety, I fell in love with pursuing wellness across all spectrums–which is why I’m here sharing that message on this blog. I am also incredibly passionate about spreading & maintaining a positive, loving relationship with food and with my body; as an actor, disordered eating & self-consciousness about one’s body is, sadly, extremely common in the circles I’m a part of. The more we can fall in love with food & how incredible it is, the better we can take care of & love our bodies that need the nourishment real food provides.

[Disclaimer: I am not a medical or health professional of any kind. I’m just an avid reader & researcher of nutrition & wellness, and these are simply my opinions/the conclusions I’ve drawn from extensive research.]

Lemme break it down. In three points, here is my food philosophy:

  1. Eat real food.

  2. Eat real food that is right for you.

  3. Fall in love with food. Foster a positive relationship with food by focusing on the joy of filling your body with nutrients and goodness that comes from any real food, and remove focus from restriction & the “negatives.”

Eat real food.

The real, whole foods eaten since the beginning of time are the way to go. I’m talking vegetables & fruits that have been grown with little interference (i.e. non-GMO, organic, etc.), nuts/seeds, and animal meat raised free-range on the diet that animal was made to eat. These foods are perfectly packaged with vitamins and minerals that work in complete synergy with one another to provide the nutrients we need to survive & thrive–in nature, you find vitamins literally packaged together that are necessary to aid in each other’s absorption & bioavailability. You just can’t supplement that. There’s very good reason modern diseases that plague the world today are modern. The standard American diet has evolved to include a surplus of processed, fake foods & broken oils that are detrimental to our health, and I believe returning to our roots as a real-food-eaters is the path to long-term wellness.

Eat real food that is right for you.

Every single body is different! We all know this. We’re all snowflakes, and not all foods work for all snowflakes. You may do better with higher fat & lower carbohydrate or higher carbohydrate & more moderate fat. You may tolerate dairy like a champ. Or not. You may not be able to eat as much fruit as you dream of eating because it spikes your blood sugar or causes headaches or stomach upset or whatever. Maybe certain vegetables don’t sit right, maybe you’re eating for an autoimmune disease, maybe you need to eat low FODMAP, etc. etc. Everyone is different and there are no rules, and that’s awesome and very important to respect. The only person who knows your body is you, and you get to be in charge without anyone else telling you what is or is not right for you. That includes eating outside of the realm of “real food” once in awhile. Being the boss feels good, so own it and keep your eyes on your own plate.

Fall in love with food. 

This is so, so important to me. In my eyes, in order to foster a positive relationship with food, we have to love it for all the good it is doing for us–and having a positive relationship with food means self-love & body confidence, which are absolutely crucial for mental wellbeing. We have to love the vitamins packed into the fruit we eat, not worry about eating too much sugar all the time. We have to love the nourishing fats & energy a delicious nut butter gives us, not worry we’re eating it in excess. Focusing on the incredible healing power and energy food gives us helps mute worrisome, obsessive thoughts and produces love for something our body so desperately needs. We have the pleasure of learning to listen to our bodies and nourish them intuitively with beautiful, real foods of every kind. When we’re eating whole foods, every bite we take is a gift for something, somewhere in the incredible machine that is the human body, and that’s the most amazing thing ever. 

So that, my friends, is my food philosophy. Eat real food, for you, and love it. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post & got to see into my core philosophy on this whole food business. Now tell me down below: what is YOUR philosophy on food?  I can’t wait to hear about it.

Go make the world pretty miraculous,

xx Kennedy


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  • Rachel Pospíšil

    This is an awesome post. My philosophy is the same, but my trouble is remembering how it feels to love food at times when my environment is full of negative influences, like when I am tempted to diet and/or binge. But I’m going to keep this bookmarked and read it during those moments! This will be an awesome model during difficult times 🙂 So glad I read this.

    • Kennedy McMann

      Rachel!!! I am so so glad that you liked the post. As you can imagine, I completely understand all of the negativity around food and body image and it can be real challenging to battle against it–but so important that we do! Thank you so much for reading & commenting & again, so glad you liked it.