What I Eat In A Day #7 | Paleo-ish (Treat Yo Self Edition)

What I Eat In A Day #7 | Paleo-ish (Treat Yo Self Edition)

It’s been a whirlwind of a week! At my university we hold a week-long theatre festival of new, student-created work in which we have four days of rehearsal and three days of performances–we just closed last night! I wrote & directed a play as well as acted in three others. My parents came to town to see it–so exciting!–and we’ve celebrated with amazing meals out at incredible restaurants…a LOT. And it was me and my boyfriend’s two-year anniversary yesterday, which also included some great celebration. Basically what I’m saying is this: I have been indulging way way more than I have in a really long time, and it has been amazing & freeing to treat myself in that way; but man am I feeling the repercussions. My body is not so happy with me and I feel super ready to be cooking my own meals and eating cleaner once again!

This was a great reminder of how much more energy I have when I avoid nasty oils, gluten, grains, sugar, all that stuff that comes along with eating out. I was staying on a relatively Paleo template, but not giving a care in the world about dairy or possible added sugar in sauces and the like or any of the classic bad oils rampant in restaurant cooking. Plus, I wasn’t giving up the chance to have a bite of a really great dessert or some other delicious goodies. 

Here’s one of the days from this past weekend! One day like this wouldn’t amount to much for me as far as my body being unhappy, but four in a row? Uh, yep. Anywho. Onwards!


This actually was one of the few meals I ate at home in the past four days, and is a breakfast I resort to frequently because it’s just crazy delicious. Frozen bananas, cacao powder, maca powder, protein powder, sunflower seed butter, almond milk, flax seed–a slightly modified version of Juli Bauer’s recipe here. Topped with fresh blueberries, shredded coconut & ground flax seed for some extra fiber!


Ah, Whole Foods salad bar. You are so beautiful, but why must you use so much canola oil? This was a TON of food, and I was trying to load up on veggies and leaner protein as much as possible while I had the chance. It’s a whole hodgepodge of stuff, but I believe in here we had some spinach, bell pepper, cooked root veggies, chicken breast, salmon, broccolini caesar salad, shredded Brussels sprouts, hummus, red onion, some red wine vinegar & olive oil. It was delicious. I couldn’t finish this in one sitting (seriously, I feel like this picture may be deceiving–there was a LOT of food here), but knowing I wouldn’t be having dinner until about 10 PM due to performances, I finished the rest at about 5:30 PM. 


The most indulgent meal of the day! We hit up a really nice restaurant I had been recommended and I started off with this gorgeous crab & shallot bisque which was divine. I don’t know what those crispy topping things are, but they were delicious. We also shared a plate of mussels which were so good!  

Then I moved on to the main course: a ribeye steak over some mashed potatoes & parsnips with a mushroom aioli & arugula. Ah, doesn’t this look INSANELY delicious? Well…it should have been, but honestly it wasn’t. This was hugely disappointing. Bummer I wasn’t photographing for this post on another day, because every other meal I had was unbelievably delicious–see my instagram (@kennedpm) for further documentation. Even though it seemed like the chef didn’t know what salt was, I still devoured this because I was absolutely starving but thoroughly underwhelmed. At least the appetizers were dynamite!


Oh Halo Top ice cream, how I love thee. When I was at Whole Foods earlier in the day with my parents, they treated me to a bunch of fun groceries including four pints of Halo Top ice cream…woohoo! This is the cookies and cream flavor and I thought I would only be having this tiny bowl full. Except then I went back and had three more because it was AMAZING. Halo Top certainly isn’t Paleo, firstly because of the dairy (I do well with dairy on the whole though, so that doesn’t concern me), but it also contains (relatively low) amounts of organic cane sugar and–depending on the flavor–can have some minor amounts of wheat & other non-real food things. They use high quality ingredients which I like, and on the whole it’s low in sugar, fat & calories while being high in protein–so while I don’t base the health of things off of whether they’re low & fat or calories (in fact I do quite the opposite), this can be a fun treat that doesn’t add too much extra stuff in your diet for the day. Do be wary of the erythritol which is used to do most of the sweetening–it can cause digestive upset in some people especially if you don’t eat it often (I’m talking about me, people. My stomach is a little bit mad)! So, be cautious if venturing overboard in the consumption department. 

And there we have it! An indulgent day of eating for the soul. Also, my version of indulgence/treating myself may look different than yours, and that’s great! Like I said earlier, this day alone probably wouldn’t throw me off so much as four days in a row of it has. But I thought it super important to share what kind of stuff I do treat myself to and that I believe in it as an important concept. Sometimes celebration & feeding your mind/emotions takes priority. If you wanna hear me talk more on that subject, check out this post here: On Quality of Life & Treating Yourself.

And if you wanna check out more of these types of posts, I’ve got six others! Woo woo! Click on the links here: What I Eat In A Day #1 | Paleo , What I Eat In A Day #2 | PaleoWhat I Eat In A Day #3 | Paleo (Weekend Edition)What I Eat In a Day #4 | PaleoWhat I Eat In A Day #5 | PaleoWhat I Eat In A Day #6 | Paleo

Thanks so much for tuning in & stay warm out there if you’re in a snowy wonderland much like myself! The holidays are almost upon us!

Here’s to pretty miraculous eating,

xx Kennedy

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