November Favorites 2016

November Favorites 2016

Here’s a roundup of my very favorite things from the month of November! I like using this medium to talk about the more niche foods I’m loving as well as books, beauty products (especially as I attempt to transition to more natural products), and other products/experiences that come into my life and stand out. 

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant


I took the plunge and switched over to natural deodorant. I’ve been doing more and more research lately on natural beauty & hygiene products and their importance to your health as well as to the health of the environment, and I’d really like both of those things to be in tip-top shape! So slowly but surely, I’m transitioning over to natural products as much as possible. Check out this post about how to transition over to natural beauty products if you’re interested.
So basically, I ran out of deodorant and figured the time had come. Instead of purchasing my regular, I did some research to find a deodorant I could trust to keep me smelling nice throughout the whole day (including exercise) AND fit in my price range. I came across the brand Bali Secrets and after reading positive reviews of its strength and that it didn’t give people crazy rashes, I figured I’d give it a go! And I’m thrilled I did. I was super nervous to transition over since having a deodorant fail you sucks big time, but that has not been the case in the slightest. It certainly deodorizes, keeping my underarms pleasant (I mean, as much as armpits can be pleasant) & smelling nice. While it’s not an antiperspirant (which is one of the benefits of natural deodorant–sweat is good & detoxifying even though we’re taught it’s a gross thing), I haven’t had any problem with sweating while using it, even during intense exercise. I’ve read that sweating often decreases overall after switching off of chemical deodorants since the body isn’t fighting against those toxins, and as much as I can tell I would say I’ve noticed that happening to me! All good stuff. 
P.S. I got Original Essence scent, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Smells kinda harsh, though the scent doesn’t stick around long. I’d go for a different scent.

Ideal Grain Free Nut & Seed Bars


I’m eating one of these right at this very moment. They’re amazing. I stumbled across their Paleo granola in my university store and raved about it on Instagram (@kennedypm), and they saw my post and were kind enough to send me a few of these new bars to try! Even better, they’re not sponsoring me in any way to say anything about them, so I’m thrilled to share that they’re just fantastic products. It always always warms my heart when I come across companies that really care about the ingredients in their products, where they come from, and how they affect the health of the consumer–Ideal is a perfect example of that. The bars are totally Paleo, grain/gluten/dairy-free, non-GMO, all the stuff I look for in snack bars like these. They also have a great macro ratio being low-sugar (only 4 grams from the organic honey used to sweeten them) and a good source of healthy fats & protein, whereas a lot of other paleo bars are more fruit-based and can cause a little bit too much of a sugar high for my taste. All the flavors are great, but the Bold Cocoa flavor is my personal favorite.

Fed & Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia


If you’re unfamiliar with Cassy Joy Garcia, you’re missing out. Her website is one of my favorite resources for recipes & Paleo goodness, and I’m a huge fan of her podcast as well by the same name. Naturally I was inclined to pick up her book, and it does not disappoint. Her philosophy on health is beautifully laid out in 4 pillars of core beliefs and she provides a 28-day Fed & Fit Project to find your perfect “you” plan for ideal health and wellness. The book is also STOCKED full of super simple, clean & incredibly tasty recipes you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Probiotics (Extra Strength)


I am one of many people who has completely destroyed their gut with many, many rounds of antibiotics in my life thus far. I was on an extended prescription of antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist as well as using antibiotics to cure a multitude of illnesses and have suffered the consequences–many stomach problems, a poor immune system, and I have a feeling it’s had a major negative impact on my anxiety (as many people consider the gut the second brain). Probiotics were the first step I took to help heal my gut and replenish it with good bacteria, and I’m continuing my healing with them! Just a week after taking these probiotics from Hyperbiotics, my stomach was much calmer and my digestion improved immensely. After I finished my first bottle of the normal strength, I’ve decided to level up to the Extra Strength to increase the amount of bacteria my gut was being exposed to since the results were so good. I landed on this brand by reading tons of reviews, and I really love them, but I’m sure there are plenty of other wonderful brands as well.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones by TaoTronics


I never knew how good life could be until I got myself a pair of wireless headphones. Exercising/doing yoga either to music or a podcast or a video is made SO MUCH EASIER when you don’t have to tote your phone around everywhere you go. I just…I love them, you guys. Again, I’m a big review-reader, and that’s how I found this particular model which I have zero complaints about. The sound quality is great, the microphone is great, they come with different bud sizes & the stay put in my ears no problemo. 10/10 would recommend.

What are YOU loving this month? I always dig hearing your recommendations. Also, Christmas is just around the corner! I love love love Christmas time. Mmm. Christmas. Just wanted to bask in that for a second.

Have a pretty miraculous December,

xx Kennedy

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