What I Eat In a Day #4 | Paleo

What I Eat In a Day #4 | Paleo

Hi there friends! Today has been an extremely exciting day so far, and the evening looks even more lovely. I did a photoshoot for the blog this morning with my dear friend (I can’t wait for you guys to see the photos!), I ate some amazing leftover meatza (spoiler, it’s what I had for dinner in this post), I got three new beautiful tops from Lululemon secondhand for SUPER CHEAP, and a package of pink Himalayan sea salt & coconut aminos that had supposedly been delivered five weeks ago but never arrived showed up on my doorstep. Sometimes life surprises you, even after you had lost all hope. Plus, this evening I have a wonderful Friendsgiving celebration planned, which I need to start cooking for…but it can wait! First, I wanna give you the lowdown of what I ate yesterday.



What a delicious and whimsical breakfast this was. I’m all about making every meal as special as possible, especially breakfast, because a positive association with food–one where food is a gift of nutrients for the beautiful being that is your body–is critical for a pretty miraculous life. So here we’ve got a breakfast bowl with some chia seed pudding made with coconut milk (check out my recipe for it in this post), sunflower seed butter, and a strawberry sorbet! For the strawberry sorbet I just blitzed frozen organic strawberries, almond milk & a little protein powder for an extra kick. Soooooooooo tasty. I topped the whole thing with a few blackberries, some pomegranate seeds, desiccated coconut (which tastes so good mixed in with the sunbutter by the way), & hemp seeds. Starting the day with a fun & beautiful meal always makes the morning so much brighter.



It’s time I introduce you to my go-to lunch for when I’m buying on my college campus. There’s a lovely salad place that allows you to put together whatever ingredients you want, and this is always what I go for: spinach, sunflower seeds, golden flax seeds, red onion, bell pepper, cucumber & salmon; dressed with olive oil & red wine vinegar. From my point of view, the more you can eliminate the possibilities for questionable ingredients/oils when eating out, the better off you’ll be health-wise. Stick with raw vegetables, ditch the pre-made dressings and opt for oil & vinegar instead, and just focus on whole foods. The only bummer is that I don’t where this salmon is coming from, but you know, you can’t have everything. For sanity’s sake, I choose to buy lunch twice a week and bring from home the rest of the week, and that’s the right balance for me. 





My mouth is literally watering everywhere thinking about this meal. This, my friends, is a meatza. Inspired by Mary The Paleo Chef (http://paleochef.com/) and this video, it’s basically a pizza with meat as the crust. I had grass-fed ground beef in the fridge so I used that as the base–just mixed it up with an egg (to help it hold together), some salt, pepper & an Italian herb blend and spread it on a baking sheet. Popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes while I made a cashew cheese sauce (soaked cashews blended with olive oil, lemon juice & salt–SO GOOD) & chopped up the veggies to put on top. I took the meat base out (pour out the grease that gathers on the pan into a bowl to use for later), topped with tomato sauce, the cashew cheese sauce, bell pepper, red onion, spinach, mushroom & garlic. Popped it back in the oven for 10 minutes, took it out, DEVOURED IT. Technically I only had 3 pieces out of the 8 pieces it made, but it was so filling and so delicious that it really satisfied. The boyfriend loved it, too. It reminds me a lot of a lasagna more than a pizza, but no matter–it’s incredible.


And that’s it! After dinner I had a cup of Pukka tea that has fennel, aniseed & licorice which was a nice sweet treat to end the night. You may have noticed I didn’t have any snacks today, and for me, that’s pretty ideal. I am by no means a never-snacker as you can see from previous posts, but I think it’s a good thing to give your body a break and let it focus on things other than digestion. Plus, if you’re packing your meals with healthy fats & proteins, chances are you’ll last til the next meal without need for a snack! That’s generally my goal, at least.

Have a pretty miraculous day of eating,

xx Kennedy

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