Leftover Level Up [Meat Sauce]

Leftover Level Up [Meat Sauce]

I. LOVE. LEFTOVERS. More than that though, I love using leftovers to create new dishes quickly & easily. As I was throwing together the dish I’m about to share with you now, I had the idea of creating a series here on the blog devoted to leveling up leftovers into incredible, simple new dishes that are possibly even more enjoyable than the original. Badda bing badda boom. Who doesn’t want that? 

I’ll be tackling a bunch of common leftovers as this series progresses, but today’s leftover is…meat sauce! It’s one of the things easiest to make in large quantities and a go-to for pasta/zoodles/spaghetti squash, so I have this stuff in the fridge all the time. Instead of opting for its traditional use (I didn’t have any zucchini leftover anyway, so I was caught zoodle-less), I created the ultimate simple, savory breakfast (or lunch!):


-leftover meat sauce

-kale (or any other greens)


-optional: seasonings of choice, lemon


  1. Heat a skillet on medium heat, and drizzle on your favorite cooking oil.
  2. Add kale & sauté.
  3. When kale has begun to wilt, add meat sauce to warm through.
  4. Make two openings in the meat sauce for the eggs to reach the pan. Crack the eggs in.
  5. Season as you like. I added some pink Himalayan sea salt, black pepper, coriander & lemon (especially to the kale—SO GOOD).
  6. Cover pan with a lid so the tops of the eggs can cook.
  7. Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, serve!

Super simple, super delicious AND nutritious, and a super way to amp up your leftover meat sauce. The runny egg yolk mixing with the sauce…unreal.

Let me know down below which leftovers you’d like to see leveled up! I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Have a happy happy day & indulge in some pretty miraculous leftovers—you know I will be.

xx Kennedy

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