October Favorites 2016

October Favorites 2016

October is the best month of the year. No, really—it’s the best. We’re officially in Fall, the leaves are changing, and it’s not too cold yet to wear really nice sweaters without covering them with big giant puffy coats. Wins all around! It’s also happens to be my birthday month, sooooo that maybe gives October a bit of an edge. But that’s neither here nor there. Onwards into my very favorite things from the month of October!


The Yoga Thing by Nancy Roberts

This book ROCKS. It was part of my birthday present from my awesome boyfriend who found it in a used bookstore and thought I would think it was a) relevant to my passions & b) funny. It was published in 1973, so the pop culture references and general chatter about the life & times is incredibly fascinating, but most importantly it’s a lovely book diving deep into the practice of yoga. I realized how little I knew about the science & history of yoga reading this, and learning about it was a true pleasure. It has completely revolutionized my view on yoga and really lit my fire to continue pursuing it. The book also really helped me process some of the physical technique seeing the instruction written in words, which was a major plus.


Cacao Powder

Raw cacao powder is incredibly nutritious: chocked full of antioxidants & a fabulous source of magnesium, zinc, potassium, and all that jazz. It’s also a very different product than cocoa powder—cocoa powder is the refined, processed version of cacao powder, therefore lacking the nutrient density. So be sure to get raw, organic cacao rather than cocoa. Lately I’ve been adding cacao powder to smoothies, mixing it into chia pudding, and using it in every chocolate dessert! In fact, I’m developing a recipe for butternut squash brownies (hang in there with me, they’re shockingly good) and cacao powder is a major star.

IMG_6541 2.jpg


Julian Bakery’s Primal Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

Protein powder is pretty new to me, and is not something I use as a staple food source, but it’s really helpful in adding protein to smoothies or baked goods (like my delicious Perfect Paleo Pancakes!). I stumbled across this particular brand in my online search and I liked both the price & the ingredients so I gave it whirl—and I’m very glad I did! I’m really happy with the taste, and I love that it’s from grass-fed cows and only contains monk fruit (Lua Han Guo) as a sweetener. I’d maybe rather do without the “natural flavors” since that could contain anything under the sun, but we all have to make compromises sometimes!


RXbar Protein Bars

I gave this brand of protein bars a try because I like having food that’s easy to throw in my backpack in case I don’t have time to eat between classes, and they have super clean ingredients. As I mentioned in my What I Eat In A Day #2 | Paleo post, I’ve been liking them well enough but not loving them…but I must say, I love the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor & especially the Coffee Chocolate flavor. They’re real, real good. I also recommend the fruity flavors like Blueberry & Apple Cinnamon. I’m glad I gave the variety pack a go so I could try ’em all out, but I’d say go for the chocolate & the fruit flavors if you check them out yourself!


Wild Planet Canned Salmon & Tuna

Last but not least, I’ve been a big fan of the brand Wild Planet for all of my canned-fish needs! As many of us do, I live quite a busy life & cooking up extra protein for packed lunches doesn’t always happen, so I rely on canned fish to throw into my salads for a solid protein source. Wild Planet sustainably catches all their fish, doesn’t add any funky ingredients, and tastes really fresh and delicious—so, naturally, it’s become my go-to. Highly recommend!


Thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with me today, and please share down below: what are your favorites from the last month? I’d love to know.

Have a pretty miraculous evening & spread love in all you do,

xx Kennedy

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