What I Eat In A Day #3 | Paleo (Weekend Edition)

What I Eat In A Day #3 | Paleo (Weekend Edition)

Hello hello there! I tend to eat a little differently on the weekends (since I’ve got a touch more time), so I figured this would be a good one to share.

Exercise-wise weekends tend to be rest days for me, so I wasn’t doing much physical activity today besides playing around with my cat. Which, quite frankly, is a workout in itself. But that’s beside the point. Carry on:



I fasted until about 1:30 PM this day, which I like to do on days where I don’t have class in the morning. I’m thinking I’ll write a post on intermittent fasting soon and how I apply it, but click here if you wanna read a little about it! So as my first meal of the day, I made my oh-so-delectable Perfect Paleo Pancakes—find the recipe here—which I then devoured. It was such a chilly morning, so a nice warm plate of pancakes was just what the doctor ordered.



I had two little pancakes leftover from what the recipe made, so I ate both of those plain a little later.


I also finished off the leftovers of the salad from the night before, which I talked about in What I Eat In A Day #2 | Paleo. Basically just some green apple, carrot, red onion & sauerkraut, plus a little olive oil & white wine vinegar!



Mmmm. It makes me so happy just thinking about this meal. I can’t take any credit unfortunately because this was my boyfriend’s doing, but man was I glad to reap the rewards. He made a gorgeous beef stew with onion, bell pepper, carrot, cauliflower, white potato & basically MAGIC. He’s a keeper.



I was up late following dinner & got pretty hungry, so I made a little bowl of green apple, sunflower seed butter, almond milk & cinnamon for dessert. It was kinda like a weird cereal, but somehow, it hit the spot! Cinnamon is awesome to pair with any fruit or higher-carb vegetable (like sweet potato! Soooo good) because it helps balance blood sugar levels. Fun, huh?

Have a beautiful day wherever you are & I wish you a pretty miraculous day of eating (i.e. better dessert than this weird apple cereal).

xx Kennedy

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