What I Eat In A Day #1 | Paleo

What I Eat In A Day #1 | Paleo

One of the hardest things about letting go of old food habits & switching to new ones is knowing, quite literally, what to eat. So I’m planning on doing a whole series where I show you what I eat in a day, snacks & drinks & all, and hopefully it can either give you some inspiration, or if you’re like me, an entertaining, nosy peek into someone else’s life! I’ll also be sharing my workouts/exercise of each day to give you some scale as to what this food is fueling. SO, here’s what I got up to today:



Breakfast is my favorite meal ALWAYS…but making it real quick and easy is a huge priority since I’m a student who has class at 9 AM pretty much everyday (fun, right?). I also knew I would be doing a decent workout this day, so I went for a higher carb breakfast than I would on less-active day. My new obsession, Juli Bauer’s Chocolate “Peanut Butter” Smoothie Bowl—click here for the recipe—was the obvious choice. I skip the extra honey/maple syrup since it’s plenty sweet enough for me without it & I kinda estimate the ingredients to make a smaller serving since this recipe makes a TON. In fact, I still always have some leftover cause I always get too full to finish it. Anyway, topped that with some fresh strawberries, flax seed & unsweetened coconut & went to town.

I also drank some lemon water (which I always carry with me in my water bottle–I aim to drink at least 3 full water bottles full each day) and brought some black coffee with me to school.

Before lunch I had a jazz dance class that gave me some good cardio plus we did a great ab & glutes session, so I was happy with that for the day. I did some walking & some light yoga later as well.



For lunch I packed with me some leftover chicken curry my boyfriend & I cooked from the night before. Definitely not the sexiest picture, but it was delicious. It had chicken, onions, broccoli, potatoes & carrots in a coconut milk base. Totally gluten/dairy/sugar/grain/blahblahblah-free.



I was pretty hungry when I got back from school since the serving of curry was pretty small, so I finished off what was left from the smoothie this morning.


And I also had one of my very favorite snacks, spicy pumpkin seeds (yes, the ones I rave about in my favorite snacks post) mixed with sunflower seed butter. I can’t quite tell you why, but this is SO TASTY. I could tell my body needed a little boost of fat, so this fit the bill.



Dinner was fresh & simple—I made a salad with peppers, red onion, avocado, sunflower & hemp seeds dressed with olive oil & vinegar, & my boyfriend cooked up some tilapia in grass-fed butter on the stovetop. I had this whole plate plus a little more salad & half of a second filet of fish! I wanted a lower-carb dinner since I had good carb sources for breakfast & lunch, if that means anything to you.

Sometimes I have some sort of dessert, today I wasn’t hungry for one. Probably because that smoothie tasted like HEAVEN.

Cheers for now & have a pretty miraculous day of eating amazing food,

xx Kennedy


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