Fast Five: Favorite Packaged Snacks

Fast Five: Favorite Packaged Snacks

Okay. Here’s the deal. Eating real, homemade food in which you are in charge of everything that goes in is always ideal–I suspect we both know this already. BUT, when the going gets tough and you’re constantly on-the-go, good quality snacks with clean ingredients are both super helpful and super fun! Well, at least, I think snacks are super fun. Quite frankly, pre-packaged snacks are easier to grab and easier to pack and can make you feel a little more normal-human—and that’s just important once in awhile. Also, being prepared with snacks you’re happy with from a health perspective is the key to maintaining your standards even when you’re caught up in crazy busy lifestyle madness (yes, that’s a technical term). So pop one of these babies in your bag before you head out and feel confident that both you and your snacks are pretty miraculous!


Okay guys…these Spicy Pumpkin Seeds from Eden are everything to me. It’s actually a joke between me and my boyfriend that I may in fact be made of spicy pumpkin seeds. I have about three thousand packets of these in my cupboard and always one in my backpack because they’re the ultimate filling, tasty, healthy snack. Every ingredient is organic and there are no weird additives or added sugar—only pumpkin seeds flavored with tamari, garlic & cayenne pepper. Uh, yeah, they’re delicious. Eden also carries a non-spicy version as well as a bunch of other cool packaged snacks!


I just discovered these babies at my local Aldi, and I was shocked to find a bar with only four ingredients: dates, peanuts, peanut meal & sea salt. Plus, as the packaging says, they’re non-GMO! They’re super tasty and such a cool discovery. For those of you that are in the low-carb/keto realm, these aren’t the snack for you because of the dates—I’ve been branching out more lately and experimenting with higher-carb fruits and vegetables once in awhile to see how my body responds and it’s been so far so good! These bars don’t cause me any problem and they taste delicious as a dessert-worthy snack to refuel after a lot of physical activity. I’m so excited to find that they’re not triggering my migraines but in fact making my body feel great. In my opinion, it’s really important to experiment with foods and see what your body can handle and/or actually thrive on! It may surprise you.


I’ve been a huge fan of these coconut Paleo Wraps by Julian’s Bakery  for a long time now. They’re thin & slightly sweet and contain only three organic ingredients: coconut meat, coconut water & unrefined virgin coconut oil. I use them as a tortilla replacement most of the time, but they can make fabulous snacks when spreading a little grass-fed butter, coconut butter or nut butter on them–a snack I’ve affectionately named “butter roll-up.” That’s right, go ahead and judge me. It’s delicious.

fullsizerender-1Alright, it’s true, I have been known to carry a jar of sunflower butter around in my backpack to eat with a spoon. I’m not ashamed of that. That’s called smart packing! Right? But in all seriousness, a spoonful of this stuff is so yummy, packed with filling fats & totally satisfying. I have a mild allergy to tree nuts, so I stick to sunflower seed butter, but I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good butter of any kind. In my opinion, it tastes the most like peanut butter, which rocks because I generally try and keep away from legumes due to alfatoxins (though as we clearly see from my date & peanut bar suggestion up above that I’m not married to that concept all the time—sometimes convenience wins the day). SunButter is my personal favorite brand because the No Sugar Added kind (all the others have added sugar) only includes roasted sunflower seeds & salt; plus, I find the texture really smooth & creamy compared to other brands.

fullsizerender-3Fresh berries, though not “pre-packaged” in the way we’ve been talking about it, are one of the easiest snacks to find around at little convenience stores in the case you forgot to pack anything to snack on during a busy time. Obviously they won’t keep well in your bag for an extended period of time, but they’ll hang in there for a little while and give you a sweet & tasty boost of energy when you need it most.

Bam! There we have it. Now go out there and snack!

What are your favorite packable, snackable foods? Comment down below! I love a good snack suggestion.

And if you’re interested in some homemade snacks, check out my Paleo Energy Balls and my Chia Seed “PB&J” Parfait for some easy & delicious recipes.

Have a pretty miraculous snack time today, tomorrow & forever.

xx Kennedy

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