Easy Low Carb/Paleo Energy Balls (Date-Free!)

Easy Low Carb/Paleo Energy Balls (Date-Free!)

Energy balls have basically swept the health food stratosphere. They’re nutrient-packed, easy to eat, and come on, they’re usually pretty adorable. However, these babies are more often than not made first & foremost with dates. Which can be great! But for people like me who can’t eat dates due to the high sugar content landing me with a big fat migraine, I wanted to share my own recipe outline for delicious energy balls full of wonderful fats & protein–no dates necessary.

Also, bonus, these are sweetener-free (besides what you might find in the chocolate chips if you choose to use them). I love the way they taste and I love that they’re full of non-chemical ingredients, but they’re certainly not very sweet. Feel free to throw in any sweetener of your choice if you so desire (stevia, honey, BUT NO DATES–hardy har har, just kidding. If you dig dates, you go right ahead).


I’m gonna start off by saying that this is a very flexible recipe–I’d faster call it an “outline” or a “guide” than anything close to an exact formula. Use what you have available or whatever it is you fancy . These are your energy balls, dammit! All we’re looking for here is a cookie dough-like consistency that can be rolled into a ball, and you can experiment to find that balance with different ingredients if you like.

Here’s what I like to use–all the measurements are approximates to make approximately 10 balls:


sunflower seed butter (1 cup)

almond flour & coconut flour (1 1/2 cups total; can do all almond flour, all coconut, or a combo)

hemp hearts (a couple spoonfuls)

coconut oil (5 or 6 tablespoons melted)

shredded coconut (3/4 cup)

sugar-free chocolate chips (as many as you like; I used Lily’s brand)

coconut butter (to drizzle on top)


Mix up all ingredients in a bowl, form into balls, and drizzle coconut butter on the top! Because of the coconut oil, they’ll be a little melty right at first so pop ’em in the fridge to set before you chow down. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

If the texture is too dry & crumbly, add more coconut oil and/or nut butter. If it’s too wet, add more flour, seeds, or shredded coconut. Fuss around until you’ve reached a good, cookie dough-like consistency that you can form into balls.


You can use any nut butter you want–I like sunflower seed butter because I have a tree nut sensitivity & because it’s delicious. Make sure it doesn’t have any added sugar & try to avoid added oils like palm oil!

Feel free to mix up the flours–I combined almond & coconut for the balance of flavors but you can use whatever you have on-hand.

I like hemp hearts because they’re full of protein, but flax or other seeds will do!


I very much hope you enjoy these guys, whichever way you make ’em, and please let me know how you like them if you try them out! I’d love some of your pretty miraculous feedback in the comments.

xx Kennedy

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