Grocery Go-To’s

Grocery Go-To’s

Here’s a list of my top grocery staples I grab every time I’m out in order to keep the fridge stocked with gorgeous go-to meals:


Bell peppers: they’re perfect for dipping into hummus, throwing in a salad or a sauce, and sauté beautifully for a great side dish

Onions (Red & White): white or yellow onions are a major staple for soups, sauces, stir-frys & just about everything else; red onions add a nice kick to salads & are beautiful caramelized

Kale/Salad base: I eat a lot of salads (I’m a little obsessed), and kale is my favorite base– it’s hearty & filling & holds dressing well without getting soggy (buying it in its full leaves rather than chopped up in a packaged greens container is always cheaper!). Also great for adding to soups & sauces. I do like to mix it up and get spinach or a spring mix often seeing as different greens give you different vitamins & minerals.

Zucchini: use a spiralizer to spiral your zucchini for a fresh & delicious pasta substitute

-Cauliflower: to use as rice or mash into a delicious mashed potato substitute

-Berries: for topping my yogurt bowl, throwing into smoothies, eating as a snack; strawberries & raspberries are my favorites!


-Full-Fat Greek Yogurt: a beautiful way to start the morning; make sure there are NO added sugars, and ditch the lower fat versions

-Cheese: for salads or a quick snack; I love little mozzarella balls, feta, or goat cheese for my salads & manchego is the ultimate snacking cheese

-Heavy Whipping Cream: for hot drinks, sauces, soups & making homemade whip cream to eat with berries!

-Butter: grass-fed, high quality butter from a brand like Kerry Gold (the very best) for cooking & adding to other meals for a healthy fat boost

-Eggs: not technically dairy, but eggs are always great to have on hand for breakfasts & dinners alike!


[if you can, try & buy organic & grass-fed when it comes to your meats]

-Chicken Thighs (boneless/skinless): I try & only eat one meal containing meat per day, & chicken thighs are a lovely, transformative dinner base I always have on hand; use them in a curry, a stir-fry, a soup, a taco/burrito bowl, anything! I prefer thighs to chicken breast because they’re fattier, juicier & usually cheaper!


-Hummus: for snacking on with strips of bell pepper or cucumber, mixing into salads & spreading on lettuce wraps; I try and grab a hummus with the cleanest list of ingredients I can & I usually go for a red pepper or lemon flavored hummus because they’re to die for!

-Sunflower Seeds: for sprinkling on salads or as a snack

-Nut Butter: for snacking or adding into smoothies; I usually go for an all natural peanut butter (ideally one that only has peanuts in the ingredients list–avoid palm oil if you can!) but have recently been turned onto Sunflower Seed butter which is delicious. Unfortunately I have a bit of a tree nut intolerance, but otherwise almond butter and macadamia nut butter are amazing choices


Obviously what I pick up at the grocery store changes depending on what I’m planning on cooking that week, but this list is my foundation for very simple & nutritious staples I can count on.

What are your grocery go-to buys? Let me know in the comments so we can have a chat about it!!

Keep making the world (& your grocery list) pretty miraculous,

xx Kennedy




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