My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

The morning is bar none my very favorite part of every day. I see it as an opportunity to take a step in the right direction–whichever direction that may be at the time–and set my initiative to making my day pretty miraculous

Routines and habits are a very effective measure for me to keep moving towards my health goals. In my case, chances are that if I didn’t plan it, I won’t do it–so a plan makes all the difference come sunrise.

From waking up to heading out the door, my current routine is as follows:

Yoga/Meditation: I basically roll out of bed and onto the yoga mat. While some days are certainly harder than others to get motivated, this is definitely my prime time to get exercise in. I usually need to warm up my body for the day as it is (I’m an acting student, so my days require physical & mental activation), I’ve got a tight schedule so chances are I won’t have time later on, and I’m fasted from a night’s sleep (meaning my body is in it’s most effective state to burn fat & pump endorphins, seeing as it’s not working at digesting anything). I stretch, wake up my muscles, get my heart pumping a little with some sun salutations & throw some core work in at the end. Badda bing badda boom, about 20 minutes and I call it good. Most importantly though, I finish off with mentally setting my intention for the day (usually buzzwords to keep tucked in my back pocket like positivity, generosity, courage–I often find they pop in my head throughout the day better than something longer would).

[I love love listening to positive-focused podcasts during my yoga routine–something about the combination of physical & mental stimulation helps keep me going. Plus, who doesn’t love having happiness & self-love be what you’re reminded of first thing in the morning?]

Hygiene/Skin Care: This would be the time I pop in the shower, wash my hair (maybe–around every other day or so), you know the drill. I always make sure to moisturize my whole body, and then hop to my skincare routine. I love taking care of my skin because I struggled with it for a long time–I’ll be doing a skincare post soon regarding my skin story and a detailed current routine. While I won’t dive into detail now, I will say: sunscreen. 

Breakfast: Mmmm. My favorite time. I always start off with a huge bottle of water to get hydrated, and follow up with my current favorite breakfast which you can learn about here. I usually take this time to watch some lifestyle & health-based YouTube videos to inspire me–my favorite person to watch at the moment is health coach/chef/yogi  Madeleine Shaw.

And then off I go! Though it means waking up a little earlier, taking time each morning to establish my intentions for the day makes all the difference. It’s worth every moment.

How do you like to begin your day? Sound off in the comments down below.

Good luck making your day pretty miraculous,

xx Kennedy


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  • This is really helpful to hear, Kennedy. Thanks for sharing it! I’ve found a very similar groove to my morning routine starting with stretching, light tai chi, mediation & prayer with some positive focused reading from the Bible or other life growth books and then going for a run. I agree that it takes a little time and intentionality but it is TOTALLY worth it as it sets my day off in such a positive direction. Love your blog!