My Ultimate Breakfast: Greek Yogurt Bowl

My Ultimate Breakfast: Greek Yogurt Bowl

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day–it has such purpose in fueling your body for the day ahead. So let’s pack breakfast full of wonderful, energizing fats, protein, and lots of delicious nutrients!


My breakfast of choice (ask my boyfriend–I rarely ever stray) is a bowl of full-fat Greek yogurt. I use Fage Total as my brand of choice, because it’s completely full fat with no added sugars and I can find it easily at my local grocery store; but any yogurt with these requirements will do. There are a few carbs in a serving of this guy, but they’re coming from lactose and no unnecessary sugar is added here. Just a wonderful source of fat & protein, and it’s pumped full of probiotics to make for a happy digestive track.


I like to sweeten my yogurt with a little Stevia or Xylitol–feel free to nix if you like the taste on its own.

Now my favorite part…the toppings! This is generally the only fruit I eat in the day (and I stick only to berries as it is), but I love adding some organic berries to the mix. Strawberries & raspberries (my favorites) are full of Vitamin C & manganese as well as lovely antioxidants, and I religiously sprinkle lots of seeds on top as well to up the fat content, aid in digestion, and pack my body with nutrients. I used a three-seed blend here, mixing chia, flax & hemp seeds. Mmmm.

Never have I had a happier breakfast that not only tastes wonderful, but makes my body feel great and running happily for a long, long time.

What’s your ultimate breakfast? Tell me in the comments down below!

Have a lovely day making you & the world pretty miraculous.

xx Kennedy

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