4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

When you’re deep in the SAD (standard American diet), it can feel reeeaallly overwhelming to overhaul food habits all at once. It takes time to educate yourself, to test out different foods to find sensitivities, to build an understanding of what makes a healthy diet (for you); but if in the mean time you’re ready to make some changes, there are plenty of easy ways to begin! Here are four easy ways to improve your diet right now:

What I Eat In A Day # 2 | Paleo [VIDEO!]

Hey there spring chickens! I’ve got a brand new video up for you that I hope you’ll love: What I Eat In A Day #2! These are my very favorite videos to watch, so I’ve made another one for ya. Check it out down below, sweet thangs. Yeah, I don’t know where I’m going with the nicknames here today. I’m gonna give that a rest. Enjoy!!!

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Homemade Ketchup

I’m going to confess something. I’ve never tasted store-bought ketchup. So when I made this “tomato dip,” I had to ask my boyfriend if it tasted like ketchup, because I really had no idea. He said it did. And homemade ketchup sounds way better than just tomato dip, so here we are.

Thrive Market Haul [Video!]

Hello hello there! A new video just went up on my YouTube channel, and it’s basically just me geeking out over fun things I bought for cheap on the Internet. What’s better? You’re right. Nothing. Watch on below to see what I ordered from the online Whole-Foods-meets-Costco, Thrive Market (no affiliation to them, just love ’em). We’re talking delicious snacks and classic pantry staples and baby shampoo (in more ways than one).

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I hope you enjoy! Let me know what sort of videos you’d like to see me doing on my YouTube channel, as I’m still learning the ropes and all that good stuff. Hit me up in the comments down below!!

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5 Foods You Should Be Eating More Of

Superfood fads come and go (and I lovingly partake in them, because quite frankly, they’re fun–and come on, who doesn’t want an acai bowl) but often we overlook just how powerful more commonplace foods can be. It’s time to pull those babies out from under the rug, dust ’em off, and enjoy because there are LOADS upon loads of essential nutrition we skip over in some not-so-flashy foods. Here are five of my top favorite foods I like to incorporate into my diet to really amp up my nutrition density–and feel reeealll good in return.

March Favorites [Video!]

Hi there beautiful ones!!! I am so happy to have you here. At the moment I’m cuddled up sick with a sore throat trying to get better ASAP for my show that opens next week. I can’t complain too much though, because ever since starting my gut healing process over the summer, I haven’t gotten even the tiniest bit sick. And that, my friends, is amazing, because I was the queen of getting sick before I really tackled my gut health–but that’s a story for another future post. For now, I’m flooding my body with ginger tea, manuka honey, ACV and all the other remedies I can think of–check out my 4 Ways to Cure a Cold Naturally post for my best tips if you’re curious.

Cauliflower N’Oatmeal

Friends, it is my absolute pleasure to bring you this recipe for a completely grain-free, delicious Paleo oatmeal alternative made with one of my very favorite ingredients…cauliflower! As many of my more creative recipes do, the idea of turning cauliflower into oatmeal came to me as I was drifting off to sleep. I knew I was onto something good.

Paleo Snack Haul [Video]

My second YouTube video is up and running! Today I’m sharing with you a snack/treats haul featuring some of my favorite Paleo goodies I like to treat myself to every now and again. Tuck in + enjoy my ravings about bee pollen, a store-bought Paleo Nutella, and PORK RINDS! Plus a few other cheeky things and a special appearance by a certain feline of mine. 

Mango Turmeric Smoothie

I’m a smoothie bowl addict–it’s undeniable–but variety’s the spice of life, eh? So to merge my addiction with a desire for variety, I just made a variation of my addiction to appease both parties. Works great for me! Especially when it’s as tasty and nutritious a variety as I’m sharing with you today. That’s right, folks: a mango turmeric smoothie to tap into your tropical side with a bonus of anti-inflammatory goodness…and a secret ingredient that makes it super nutritious & extra creamy!

Paleo Thai “Peanut” Sauce + Dressing

I had a hankering for a good peanut sauce recently, and while I tend to loosely avoid peanuts for a number of reasons, I knew sunflower seed butter–as it always does–would come to my rescue.