Cauliflower N’Oatmeal

Friends, it is my absolute pleasure to bring you this recipe for a completely grain-free, delicious Paleo oatmeal alternative made with one of my very favorite ingredients…cauliflower! As many of my more creative recipes do, the idea of turning cauliflower into oatmeal came to me as I was drifting off to sleep. I knew I was onto something good.

Paleo Snack Haul [Video]

My second YouTube video is up and running! Today I’m sharing with you a snack/treats haul featuring some of my favorite Paleo goodies I like to treat myself to every now and again. Tuck in + enjoy my ravings about bee pollen, a store-bought Paleo Nutella, and PORK RINDS! Plus a few other cheeky things and a special appearance by a certain feline of mine. 

Mango Turmeric Smoothie

I’m a smoothie bowl addict–it’s undeniable–but variety’s the spice of life, eh? So to merge my addiction with a desire for variety, I just made a variation of my addiction to appease both parties. Works great for me! Especially when it’s as tasty and nutritious a variety as I’m sharing with you today. That’s right, folks: a mango turmeric smoothie to tap into your tropical side with a bonus of anti-inflammatory goodness…and a secret ingredient that makes it super nutritious & extra creamy!

Paleo Thai “Peanut” Sauce + Dressing

I had a hankering for a good peanut sauce recently, and while I tend to loosely avoid peanuts for a number of reasons, I knew sunflower seed butter–as it always does–would come to my rescue.

I’M ON YOUTUBE!!! What I Eat In A Day [Video]

I’ve been interested for so so long in starting a YouTube channel. I’ve always loved following people on YouTube–especially food/health lovers like myself–and I’ve craved having my own space there myself. I figured now was the perfect time to use video content alongside my blog to further enhance my content and have some fun expressing myself and sharing these passions through video! 

February Favorites

February was crazy busy but packed with lots of fantastic new product finds. Read ahead to see some of my food, natural beauty, and supplement favorites this month!

My Perfect Daily Smoothie

It has been my mission to create a smoothie that could truly stand with the best of them as a full-bodied, nutrient-dense, filling breakfast. Which, if you hadn’t heard, is the most important meal of the day. I wanted a smoothie that wasn’t a total sugar bomb, had the gusto to fuel me until lunchtime, and got in ALL the good stuff right out of the gate. Smoothies can hide a lot of things, and therefore are the perfect base for an abundance of superfoods.

4 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

I’ve dealt with clinical anxiety for most of my life (which you can read more about in my healing with health story here) and as I’m sure a lot of you know, it blloooowwwwsss. Anxiety can be uncomfortable, debilitating, restrictive and ugly and when you’ve got goals to accomplish and stuff to get done (because c’mon, we’re hustlers with big dreams), there’s just no time to feel held back by it. Emphasis on the feel held back–you are capable, and you will overcome. 

Chia Cherry “Pie”

I’m back at you with another delicious Valentine’s Day treat because holidays are the best, and I like working my baking muscle every once in awhile. Plus, very little beats a sweet treat if you ask me. Now, I know I call this a “pie.” This is hardly a pie. Everyone can see that. But the inspiration came from the gooey fruitiness of a cherry pie paired with a crusty…crust. Crusty crust. And thus this cherry chia pudding with a cookie topper was born!

What I Eat In A Day #9 | Paleo (Busy Student Edition)

Saying that I’ve been busy lately is an understatement. I’m back in class all day, and currently in a production which means rehearsals every night. Add on some appointments for my knee injuries, meetings, rehearsals for my class work and you’ve got one buuuuussssyyyy bee. I will say though that I am having a GREAT time–I find I’m my most productive self when things are very busy, since I end up feeling the pressure of having little time to do things so they’re always done efficiently and without procrastination. I do find though that I tend to get stuck in “work” mode constantly and while that means I’m super productive, I wind up exhausted and completely drained. Always gotta watch out for that and prioritize some down-time whenever the opportunity arises.