4 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

I’ve dealt with clinical anxiety for most of my life (which you can read more about in my healing with health story here) and as I’m sure a lot of you know, it blloooowwwwsss. Anxiety can be uncomfortable, debilitating, restrictive and ugly and when you’ve got goals to accomplish and stuff to get done (because c’mon, we’re hustlers with big dreams), there’s just no time to feel held back by it. Emphasis on the feel held back–you are capable, and you will overcome. 

Chia Cherry “Pie”

I’m back at you with another delicious Valentine’s Day treat because holidays are the best, and I like working my baking muscle every once in awhile. Plus, very little beats a sweet treat if you ask me. Now, I know I call this a “pie.” This is hardly a pie. Everyone can see that. But the inspiration came from the gooey fruitiness of a cherry pie paired with a crusty…crust. Crusty crust. And thus this cherry chia pudding with a cookie topper was born!

What I Eat In A Day #9 | Paleo (Busy Student Edition)

Saying that I’ve been busy lately is an understatement. I’m back in class all day, and currently in a production which means rehearsals every night. Add on some appointments for my knee injuries, meetings, rehearsals for my class work and you’ve got one buuuuussssyyyy bee. I will say though that I am having a GREAT time–I find I’m my most productive self when things are very busy, since I end up feeling the pressure of having little time to do things so they’re always done efficiently and without procrastination. I do find though that I tend to get stuck in “work” mode constantly and while that means I’m super productive, I wind up exhausted and completely drained. Always gotta watch out for that and prioritize some down-time whenever the opportunity arises.

Cherry Chocolate Dates

Happy Valentine’s Day, love bugs! I looooovvvveee holidays of every shape and kind, and Valentine’s Day is no different. I’m all about showing love to people all year round, but a special day to amp up your lovin’ never hurt anyone. Sadly this year me and my Valentine will be apart, but you know what they say…CHOCOLATE SOLVES EVERYTHING. So in preparation, I made myself my own real-food version of festive chocolate goodies to ease my sad heart.

Classic Paleo Chili

My boyfriend and I have a GIANT kettle. I’m talking soup kitchen level giant kettle. Okay, maybe not that big, but big enough to where we have never come to close to filling it even half-way up with anything. Maybe that’s because we don’t batch cook very often since we both love cooking in the evening so much, but there are certainly times when it would be nice to have more leftovers to make packing lunches for both of us easier…so naturally I decided it was a mission of upmost importance to make a giant batch of something. And you know what that something was? CHILI. 

January Favorites

I’ve been going head-on with new products this month. January has a way of pushing me to upgrade in all areas of my life (like my water bottle quality…it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE GUYS), and that definitely showed itself the last few weeks as I experimented with some new, fun goodies. Here we go with my top products of the month!

4 Ways to Cure a Cold Naturally

Cold season is upon us. It cannot be escaped. OR CAN IT?! Yep. It can. Coming up are my four best tips for preventing/treating a cold naturally using our favorite medicine: food! Without further ado:

Cauliflower Fried Rice

This cauliflower fried rice is the perfect grain/soy/MSG-free alternative to a classic take-out favorite. By replacing rice with riced cauliflower, not only is it a lower-carb option, but you get much more bang for your nutritional buck. That means reaping all the benefits of one of my favorite superfoods: cauliflower! Cauliflower is an excellent source of Vitamin C & A and one of the most versatile veggies you can get your hands on. 

Dark Chocolate Dream Smoothie

Holy guacamole. This smoothie is heaven. I call it the Dark Chocolate Dream because the recipe came to me as a drifted off to sleep one night (as all good things do), and because it’s basically like drinking the creamiest dark chocolate you can imagine. And you know what’s almost better than that? It’s a complete, nutritious, satisfying breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack or chocolate chocolate chocolate all the time!!!!) that will flood your body with incredible fuel & keep you satiated for hours. Trust me on this one, guys. You’ve gotta try it.

Sweet Potato Toast

Toast is really, really good. No one, even someone who stays as far away from bread as I do, can deny that. More than the fact that it’s bread, it’s great because it’s a blank canvas for DELICIOUS TOPPINGS. And if I love anything in this world, it’s delicious toppings.